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Julie Harlow July 04, 2013 Tips & Tricks

Whenever you have a file that's longer than a few minutes, it would probably be safer to download the file to your desktop and type it into your favorite audio player. Most typists like Express Scribe because it allows you to slow down, speed up, pause, and use a foot pedal. When you download a file, the Count-down timer STOPS. When you are done typing the file, log back in to Quicktate and click "TRANSCRIBE" and the text box for your file will appear.  Paste your formatted file in the text box and submit it. Be sure your document is typed into paragraphs.  After you see the word count in your profile, delete the audio and the transcript from your computer.

Julie Harlow May 23, 2013 Tips & Tricks

Here is how to request your account information from Zendesk. 


Julie Harlow February 04, 2013 Tips & Tricks

Question: What if I forgot my password?

Answer: Go to https://typists.quicktate.com/transcribers/login  

1. Click the "Forgot Password" button.

2. Enter your Username (You created your own username when you set up your Quicktate account).

3. Enter the email address assigned to your account.

4. Your password will be emailed to you.


 Question: What if I forgot my username?

Answer: Go to https://typists.quicktate.com/transcribers/login

1. Click the "Forgot Password" button.

2. Click on "Forgot Username".

3. Enter your email address.

4. Your Username will be emailed to you.



Julie Harlow January 11, 2011 Announcements

All typist work history (starting 1.1.11 and earnings) can be viewed by logging in to your account at https://typists.quicktate.com.
Just click on the link at the top of the page entitled "Work History".

Julie December 22, 2010 Announcements

We are no longer using Tlink (i.e Pidgin, Adium etc. Please use yahoo instant messenger.


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