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Julie McCord December 12, 2010 Tips & Tricks

iDictate and Quicktate are looking for Skilled and Qualified Transcribers to accept assignments for the following specialties. You may select more than one specialty to test: 

- General Transcription

- French Transcription

- Spanish Transcription

- Medical Transcription

- Auditing Phone Calls

- Filling out Forms

 Perhaps you already accept assignments in one "specialty" and wish to add new specialties, or perhaps you have a friend or colleague interested in providing transcription services for us. In either case, you (or your friend/colleague) will need to: 

(a) Request a new typist account at. https://contractors.quicktate.com

(this is where you sign our agreements and all the confidentiality documents, etc.).

(b) Take the quiz and transcribe the "test" audios (only for the specialties that interest you).  Before you take the quiz and typing tests you should review all articles at https://quicktate.zendesk.com/forums/299430-Tips-Tricks

The transcription test(s) will appear after you pass the Quiz portion of the signup process. If you do not pass the quiz, the tests will not appear and you will not be offered assignments.

Once you pass the Quiz and Typing Tests, you will be able to pay $15.00 for your background check fee.

Qualifications and Requirements to be Offered Assignments: 

==> Excellent transcription skills; highly skilled so you can proof your own work

==> Able to take responsibility and complete projects on time

==> Able to proactively communicate with management regarding each assignment

==> Maintain absolute honesty, integrity and confidentiality

==> You meet the requirements outlined at


 Also, due to the number of requests we receive, we may not be able to review your qualifications/ request right away. Please be patient, as it may take a few weeks. Please do not contact us regarding your status. To find out the results of your application, log into your account at https://contractors.quicktate.com/transcribers/login and you will see if you passed or failed or if your account is still pending. 

If you are unable to log in,  go to https://contractors.quicktate.com and click the link that says: “Forgot your password?”

After you log in, if you do not see your account status, please contact us at https://quicktate.zendesk.com/home ( You do not need to sign up for a zendesk account to contact us)



Julie McCord Jun 20 Tips & Tricks

Dear Typists,

We are excited to announce the launch of the “new” iDictate. The procedures to accept assignments on the new platform are different than the “old” iDictate.


To log in and retrieve a file:


1 . Log in at https://typists.quicktate.com/ (from here you can type both iDictate and Quicktate files)


2.  Your Welcome Screen will look like something this:



3. If there are one or more iDictate files being offered to you, you will see:

You have (3) iDictate job assignment(s) Click here to begin


4. A message will pop up with the expected TAT along with instructions on what to do if you don’t believe you are able to complete the file in a timely manner.


5. Click Ok.


6. To download the audio, click Download  (to the right of “File to be Transcribed”).


File to be Transcribed:



7. Then, select the Template name from the drop down box.  

  • Default Template is a blank Word document.

  • If the customer requested that we use a customized template, you will be able to select it from the drop-down list.

  • In all cases you will select either the Default template of the customized template.

Template Name:  __________

Download Template:    __________


8. Click on the name of the template you selected.  It will download the specially formatted Word document to your desktop.


You need to type into this Template (word document) that you just downloaded.  Do not change the file name, as you will not be able to upload the completed file to the customer or to proofs. Downloading a template from this page is essential.


9. Log out of your account while you type.


10. Once the file is completed, Log back into your account and click Transcribe.


11. You will see:

Upload Transcript:


No. of Words:



12. Upload your finished transcript and enter the number of words.


13. If you need help from a proofer, even if you upload your own files,  click Get Help from Proofer:    


Then type your message to the proofer in the text box.


14. Click “browse” under “Upload Transcript”, locate the completed document on your computer, enter the word count and hit “Submit Transcript”.

Your file will then be sent to a proofer for help, or to the customer, depending on your account privileges. Make sure iDictate has the completed file before you delete the transcript from your computer (approximately 1 week).

Julie McCord December 7, 2015 Tips & Tricks

iDictate Changes Coming Soon


Typist Login

iDictate and Quicktate typists will soon log in at the same place- https://typists.quicktate.com. In other words, if you type both Quicktate and iDictate files, you'll be able to use a single interface. 

Register to Request iDictate Files (“I am available to type an iDictate file”)

When Typists log in, they can register that they want an iDictate file and they can specify if they want a short file, a long file or either; and then proofers will see on their admin screen who is waiting for a file and what size they prefer and whether they are an uploader or not, and what languages are assigned to each typist. 

Once this option is enabled, it will be still be enabled in the background even if the transcriber navigates to any page other than home page. In order to disable this option the transcriber will have to go to home page and uncheck the check box. This option will also be disabled if transcriber session expires automatically or the transcriber logs out of the transcriber’s portal. Or if the transcriber accepts an Idictate file to type. 

All iDictate files have a template to download

When the Typists downloads a file, the Typist will always download a template too. There are two types of templates: 

1. A specific template which shows the customer's requested formatting. While the specific template will have its own template name, it will automatically be renamed to match the name of the audio file. 

2. A blank template which provides the Typist with a Word or Excel document already named to match the name of the audio file. 

If the finished transcript being uploaded to the customer doesn't match the name of the audio file, the Typist and/or Proofer will not be able to upload the document. This is a safety mechanism to ensure that no customer ever receives an unintended file. 

Sending a Completed File to the Proofers

When a Typist finishes a file and submits it to the Proofer, the Typist may also send a message or a question to the Proofer. 

The proofer is then able to review the file and submit it to the customer or send it back to the Typist with comments. 

Uploaders can still upload their own files.

Delivering files to customers

Before a file is uploaded to customer, entering word count is mandatory. (can be zero).

Proofers Rate the Typists (rate only the non-uploaders)

1)      Star rating in “Audio Proofing” admin portal has been added. Two new form fields:
a.       Rate Quality of Work Done by Typist:
b.      Your comments about typist's work: (optional)

Rating the typist is mandatory however comments are optional. The proofer can hover mouse cursor over the stars to make a choice and click on any star to lock his/her decision. 

Customers have their own template folder and do not need to submit a template with each job. Customers must make sure their new templates have been uploaded to their account before they upload their audio file. 

If a template is required, that template is selected by name at the time customer uploads the file.  If dictating by phone, the template name should be identified at the beginning of the recording. If using the Idictate iPhone app, the name of the template will be entered in the instructions, and then the Proofer or typist will need to select the template name from the drop down list. 


Chat will be enabled for iDictate typists and proofers.

Julie McCord November 30, 2015 Tips & Tricks


Contact support at support@idictate.com

Julie McCord November 25, 2015 Tips & Tricks


 Set up a Yahoo Messenger account; [You will be given the persons to add on your welcome email.]  

Urgent Matters - Please contact the assignor on duty about a file you are currently working on.

Non- urgent Matter - You can contact us at https://quicktate.zendesk.com (You do not need to sign up for a Zendesk account to contact us) and you can also contact us at https://typists.quicktate.com/


Occasionally we will alert you via email to the fact the files are available to type.